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"The way in which these guys craft a sultry tone and a vibe that’s purely relaxed is truly splendid, and a testament to their time together as a band. The almost four and a half minute song makes you believe, that Handsomebeast have truly found their own sound that’s halfway between good times and sexy late night jams."

                                                        -Free Press Houston

"Handsomebeast can do smooth too, sculpting “Sweet James ’76” and “Super Naked Skin (Lonely)” into sleek little pop-soul songs that induce swirling fantasias of sound and snap back into the groove just as quickly. Sexy work, from a band that deserves to be much in demand after this album."

                                                                 -Houston Press

"[Handsomebeast] have become known for their funky live shows, skilled musicianship, and a unique sound that blends elements of classic rock with indie, funk, and more to create their own infectious pop sound."

                                                          -Substream Magazine

"You cannot label this funky-pop-indie band into one box or one sound."


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Handsomebeast – yes, one word – is a five piece band based out of Houston, TX. They are the founders of an irresistible genre dubbed by the pioneers themselves as Space-Rock-Bump-n-Grind, which incorporates elements of classic and indie rock with futuristic electrofunk and infectious pop. Their most recent album, The Badass Future (12/2/16), is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud and at

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